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- Frequently Asked Questions -

What is Shareware?
Shareware is a marketing idea that allows users to try a program for a specified evaluation period before they decide to buy it.

Do I have to pay for it?
Shareware programs offer a free evaluation period. If you continue to use it after that, you are required to register the program by paying for it. In some cases, registration is required to access extra features in a program.

What do you mean by registering a program?
Most shareware programs stop working after the evaluation period is over. At this point, you must decide if you think the program is something you want to continue to use. If the answer is no, delete the program from your system and forget about it; you owe nothing. If, however, you wish to continue using the program, a registration key must be purchased from the publisher of the shareware to allow the program to function properly. This registration key is similar to the key number that comes with directly purchased software that you are required to enter when installing the program. The advantage to shareware is that you get to try the program first instead of being stuck with a software package you don't like.

How do I register ?
There is registration information in each program. Registration is done via the internet and, in some cases, doesn't even require the user to type in a registration key. All registration is sent to the user's e-mail address in case the program needs to be reinstalled at a later date.

How do I install a program ?
After the program has been downloaded from The Shareware Genie, simply double click on the program. This will start the installation process. Please don't install a program that you don't think you'll have a chance to look at before the evaluation period ends.

How long is the evaluation period?
The evaluation period varies with different programs but is generally 15 or 30 days from the time you INSTALL the program on your PC. If you don't think you'll have time to evaluate a program, you can still feel free to download it and keep it until you have the time to install it and look at it. Please don't install a program that you won't have time to look at before the evaluation period ends since you will not get a second evaluation period even if the program hasn't been used.

Do I have to wait for the evaluation period to expire before registering a program ?
No. You can register a program as soon as you want.

Why do I have to install the program before registering ?
The advantage of shareware is the ability to try a program before you purchase it. The Shareware Genie wants you to look at a program first to make sure it's what you want.

Does The Shareware Genie write these programs ?
No. The programs offered on this site come from a wide range of publishers.

Where are the reviews and screenshots ?
This site is still fairly new. The reviews should appear within the next few weeks.

How can I support The Shareware Genie?
If you decide to register a product you've tried, use the buy buttons located in the program. By doing this, you identify The Shareware Genie as the source of your download, give us more clout with the publishers and allow us to offer better shareware.

I'm interested in a program but there's no download button for it. How do I get this program ?
In a few instances, The Shareware Genie provides direct links to certain program publishers and no download.

I have a problem with one of the programs; who do I contact ?
We at The Shareware Genie want to hear about problems you may have with any of the programs you download from this site. By keeping us informed, we can pass along "workarounds" and have a large amount of data to refer to when contacting the publishers. Unfortunately, since we don't write these programs, we aren't in the position to correct bugs so the publisher should be contact as well. Information on this is included in the programs.

How do I know the programs are safe?
All programs are checked by one of the major anti-virus programs before being uploaded to The Shareware Genie site so the chances are small that you'll get a computer virus from one of these programs. Malicious hackers, however, are everywhere and no one, including the Shareware Genie, can guarantee that files haven't been tampered with. As a standard precaution, you should have an up to date anti-virus programs on your PC and scan EVERYTHING you download. For added security to your system, check our security secton.

I didn't find a program that did what I wanted. Can The Shareware Genie help me find one?
E-mail us with a description of the type of program you need and we'll try to find one to offer. If we can't offer it, we'll try to find someone who can.